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We are here to guide you every step of the way

We are excited that you are ready to grow your family!

Our team of compassionate experts will help guide you as we facilitate every detail of your  journey.


The Surrogacy and Egg Donor process is outlined to help you make the best decision for you and your growing family.

The Surrogacy Process

For Intended Parent

1. Initial Consultation

Get the information you need to make the best decision!

Your journey will start with an initial consultation with our Modernly Ever After team. During your consultation you'll learn more about the Gestational Surrogacy steps and the matching process.


We will gain an understanding of your goals, expectations and requirements for your unique surrogacy journey. 

Cheerful Business Meeting

2. The Matching Process

Together we will find the right surrogate to grow your family! 

We help you define what type of surrogacy arrangement best suits you. This includes: communication style, legal considerations, lifestyle choices and much more. After understanding your criteria, we find a prescreened Surrogate candidate who meets your needs. 


Each surrogate candidate is vetted through a rigorous background check, psychological and medical screening, and record review. The Surrogate of your choice will also be screened by the IVF Physician of your choice.


After we identify a good match and both parties agree to move forward, we will facilitate a video chat meeting. 

3. Meeting Your Surrogate

Could this be the perfect match?

In the video chat meeting you will have a chance to get to know your potential Surrogate much better to determine if this is the ultimate match for you and your growing family. 


Once the match is made official, you and your Surrogate will move to the next phase in the process - Medical Screening.

On a Video Call
Woman & Doctor

4. Medical Screening

All clear, to move forward.

The Surrogate you have matched with will be medically evaluated at the IVF Clinic you selected in the beginning of the journey. 


The required medical screening involves multiple medical tests and procedures. This will help the IVF Physician determine that the gestational carrier is in good health and that it’s safe for her to proceed as a surrogate. 


Once the IVF Physcian has given medical clearance, both parties will undergo the legal process to make the journey as smooth as possible.

5. Legal Process

Have a secure journey!

After your Surrogate has received medical clearance, you’ll enter the legal phase of the process. To ensure clarity and legal stability, we assist Intended Parents in finding legal counsel to represent them and draft all agreements. The Surrogate is also represented by their own Independent Attorney. All parties will review and sign a surrogacy contract. 


Counsel will also address the legal implications of a surrogacy agreement, including the legal responsibilities of both parties. 


After the legal contracts have been drafted, reviewed and signed, your Surrogate will prep for the embryo transfer. 

Signing a Contract

6. Embryo Transfer

The MEA Team will assist you and your Surrogate throughout the entire medical process.

The IVF treatment and embryo transfer will be managed and completed at the IVF Clinic. The IVF Clinic and MEA Team will manage and monitor your Surrogate closely. 


Every IVF Physician/Facility has their own protocol for success. The IVF procedure consists of: Ovarian Stimulation, Egg Retrieval, Fertilization, Embryo Transfer and a Successful Pregnancy (positive pregnancy test).

7. Pregnancy Success + Home Stretch

Your modernly ever after is here!

After the positive pregnancy confirmation, your Surrogate will continue to receive care from the IVF Clinic until released to the selected OB/GYN. 


Your legal representative will assist you with the Pre-Birth Order, which is an important court document stating that you are the legal parent(s) of the child. 


The MEA Team will provide support to you and your Surrogate throughout the pregnancy by working with the hospital to ensure a smooth, safe and secure birth. Also, we will provide any post-birth resources that are needed.

Tiny Feet

The Egg Donor Process

For Intended Parents

1. Matching Process

Search our database and select an Egg Donor.

Whether you’ve struggled with infertility, you're single, or a same sex couple, egg donation can make your dreams of starting a family a reality. 


We will provide matching assistance to help you find the right Egg Donor to suit your families needs. At Modernly Ever After, all Egg Donor candidates are required to meet rigorous standards and undergo extensive medical, psychological and background checks to be accepted into our donor program.

After you chose the right Egg Donor and you both agree to move forward, the IVF Clinic of your choice will conduct the pre-approval. 

2. Pre-Approval

All clear, to move forward.

We work with the primary IVF Clinic for preparation and a thorough review of the Egg Donor medical screening and record review, including genetic and FDA testing, mental health assessment performed by a licensed Mental Health Clinician and background check.


After the Physician gives their pre-approval on the donor, the legal process will take place. 


3. Legal Process

A secure process!

We help arrange for the Egg Donor candidate’s evaluation and screening at your IVF Clinic and facilitate the legal process. 


After the Egg Donor is pre-approved, we assist Intended Parents in finding legal counsel to represent them and draft all agreements. The Egg Donor is also represented by their own Independent Attorney. All parties will review and sign an egg donation contract. 


We will then notify your IVF Clinic once we receive all executed legal documents, so the medication process can begin for the Egg Donor.

4. Medication +
Egg Retrieval  

The MEA Team will assist you and your Egg Donor throughout the entire medical process.

Your IVF Physician will determine all medical protocols. Your IVF Clinic will provide you and your Egg Donor with a cycle calendar to prepare for the egg retrieval. Your Egg Donor will then begin a series of medications, and she will continue on these medications until egg retrieval. 


Throughout the entire cycle, your MEA Team will stay in constant contact with both you and your Egg Donor to offer: support, appointment coordination, resources, updates and answer any and all questions.


5. Post Egg Retrieval

Your family is about to expand.

The IVF Clinic lab typically provides fertilization updates 3-7 days post retrieval, and you and your IVF Physician will determine a plan for a fresh or frozen embryo transfer.


If your journey includes fertilization and a Surrogate to complete your journey we will then begin the surrogacy process.

Your Journey Starts Here

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