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Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have compiled the most frequently asked questions by potential Surrogates. We understand that there may be additional questions you still will have. If you do have additional questions that weren't answered, please reach out to us.

  • What is an Intended Parent?
    Intended Parents may be an individual or couple looking to start or expand their family. Many are unable to conceive a biological child, either naturally or through assisted reproductive technology.
  • How is Modernly Ever After different from other Agencies?
    As an Intended Parent, we understand the complexities of parenthood through assisted reproductive technologies. As an Intended Parent, you shouldn't have to choose between empathy, transparency and quality when looking to create your Modernly Ever After. We pride ourselves on educating, leading and guiding you through your Intended Parent journey. Your journey is tailored to meet your specific needs. You can rest assured that our Surrogates and Egg Donor’s have completed a rigorous screening process before they can begin a MEA match process. Our highly dedicated team will be there every step of the way, to provide an unparalleled level of support!
  • Can I be an Intended Parent as a single parent or same-sex couple?
    Yes! We work with Intended Parents of all backgrounds including single individuals, same-sex and heterosexual couples.
  • How are Surrogates and Egg Donors screened?
    Modernly Ever After, has a rigorous screening process which includes medical, psychological and background screenings (Both Surrogate/Egg Donor and partner if applicable).
  • How and why are Intended Parents screened?
    Intended parents are screened to make certain they are safe to work with and emotionally and financially committed to the surrogacy process. Intended Parents should be fully screened prior to their profiles being shared with any prospective surrogates or egg donors.
  • How long does the surrogacy process take?
    The Surrogacy process depends on several factors. Most surrogacy journeys can take between 12-24 months. This process may move quicker or be prolonged depending on the Intended Parents process stage which includes: research phase, egg retrieval, embryo creation and testing, legal requirements and the course of the Surrogates IVF treatment.
  • How long does the matching process take for Surrogates and/or Egg Donors?
    Once we have accepted a Surrogate and/or Egg Donor applicant into our program, we list the Surrogates and Egg Donors in a secured database for your review. The matching process can take anywhere between four to six months to locate a suitable and qualified match. Both Intended Parents, Surrogates and/or Egg Donor profiles (with no identifying information) will be exchanged. If both parties express interest, we coordinate a virtual meeting for both parties to connect. An IVF Physician of your choice will medically screen Surrogates and/or Egg Donors after a match is made. If for any reason the Surrogate and/or Egg Donor doesn’t pass the medical screening (which is rare), Modernly Ever After will assist in the re-match process.
  • How much does Surrogacy cost?
    Surrogacy cost is compiled of several factors as the average cost of utilizing a surrogate can range from $95,000 to $195,000, depending on geography, Surrogate’s prior experience, IVF costs, egg donor (if needed) and other variable factors that may arise throughout the journey.
  • Will I be the biological parent of my child?
    The baby will be biologically related to the provider of the egg and sperm utilized in the Surrogacy and/or Egg Donor process. As an Intended Parent, even if you are not biologically related to the resulting child/children, you will have parental rights.
  • Whose name goes on the birth certificate?
    The Intended Parents name will go on the Birth Certificate. In some states like California, The surrogate mothers name will be listed on a special portion of the birth certificate that will not be shown on the certified copy.
  • Will I have contact with my Surrogate?
    At Modernly Ever After, we highly encourage consistent, open and honest communication with your surrogate. Having a positive relationship during the surrogacy process can add a lot of value to your journey and beyond. Even though we hope for you to form a wonderful connection with your surrogate, we respect your right to choose how you want to navigate your journey. In the event you would like to have little to no contact with your surrogate, Modernly Ever After will facilitate communication between all parties involved. Please be mindful to create a balanced relationship as your surrogate still has a family and duties of her own.
  • How long does it take to complete an egg donation cycle once I've chosen an Egg Donor?
    Once your Egg Donor has been confirmed by the Modernly Ever After Team, completing the egg donation cycle can take up to four months. The egg donation screening process requires rigorous screening, so you can feel confident that your Egg Donor is thoroughly qualified.
  • Why does your program require a consultation for potential intended parents?
    We understand the decision to utilize a Surrogate and/or Egg Donor is a huge decision! Having a consultation with the Modernly Ever After Team will help you gain insight on how our Surrogacy and/or Egg Donor Programs works. We will review your current stages in the Intended Parent Process including: basic knowledge, IVF/Egg Donor/Sperm Donor selection, embryo creation, legal aspects, estimated cost and answer any questions you might have. We will also learn more about your life, family, upbringing, parenting perspective, journey expectations and more. the first time. We measure our success by time to pregnancy, not time to match.
  • Will I need an attorney?
    Yes, it is imperative to gain legal counsel and utilize an attorney that specializes in Surrogacy law. If you do not have an attorney, the Modernly Ever After Team will assist you in the process of obtaining a Surrogacy Attorney to act as your counsel for legal matters. By having a Surrogacy attorney, you will gain the following benefits: local surrogacy laws and regulations explained thoroughly, complete your surrogacy contract, protect your rights and interest during the Surrogacy process and establish parental rights as the Intended Parents. If you reside outside the United States, you will need to obtain a Surrogacy attorney in the United States as well.
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