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How much does Surrogacy and Egg Donation Cost?

The cost of surrogacy can be complex and expensive. Modernly Ever After values the importance of choosing an agency that can provide transparency, superior service and risk mitigation.

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Why is Surrogacy so expensive?

This is typically one of the first questions we are asked by Intended Parents who are interested in growing their family through Surrogacy. 

On average your surrogacy journey can fall in an estimated range between $95,000 to $195,000, depending on Surrogate and/or Egg Donor compensation, the IVF process, attorney fees and more. 

We understand that the cost factors may determine if this journey is possible, but there are other options you may consider in your journey. Other options can be Financing or Private Surrogacy. 


Price Breakdown


​Cost is broken down into four main categories:

  1. Professional Fees: This may include costs for all matching, screenings, legal, accounting, medical billing and other as-needed processes. 

  2. Surrogate and/or Egg Donor Compensation: This is the benefits package provided to your Surrogate and/or Egg Donor for the journey.

  3. IVF Expenses: These encompass embryo creation, screenings, transfers, monitoring and medications. 

  4. Medical and Insurance Expenses: These include additional Surrogate payments, complications, co-payments and deductibles, life insurance, insurance verification and a possible back-up policy.

What is Included?

Agency Fee

Working with a surrogacy agency is often essential for you and your Surrogate to have a positive, smooth experience throughout this emotional and sometimes exhausting journey.

There are many moving parts across the surrogacy journey and it’s best to let experienced professionals manage the process, so you can focus on preparing for the arrival of your new family member.


In addition, working with an agency removes stress off your Surrogate so they can focus on preparing themselves and delivering a happy, healthy baby at the end of the process.

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Travel, Legal + Other Fees

Selecting a Surrogate and/or Egg Donor near your IVF Clinic can lower your costs. If you select a Surrogate and/or Egg Donor that requires travel for procedures and check-ins, you’ll need to plan for two to three trips of hotel rooms, transportation, meals, and more. 

Additionally, legal fees surrounding the surrogacy and/or egg donation process are estimated anywhere from $8,000 to $15,000 for Intended Parents. This includes: the attorney fees for both you and your Surrogate and/or Egg Donor, and additional court costs.

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