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We are here to guide you every step of the way

Donating eggs is one of the most selfless yet rewarding experiences a woman can have. With egg donors like you and the guidance of the Modernly Ever After team, Intended Parents are given hope to be able to expand their family. 

The Modernly Ever After team will guide, educate, and support you to ensure the journey is as smooth as possible. Please review the process below.

The Egg Donor Process


1. Complete Application

Take the first steps!

The first step in becoming an egg donor with Modernly Ever After is to fill out our egg donor application. You will provide information about yourself, medical history, motivation and the types of families you are willing to help.


Once your application is completed, evaluated and approved, our team will reach out to schedule your initial consultation via video conference.

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2. Initial Consultation

Get the information you need to make the best decision!

During the initial consultation with our Modernly Ever After team, you'll learn more about the egg donor process and answer any questions you have. 


We will also be able to review your application, medical history, learn more about your motivation, and expectations for your journey. We will also build out your egg donor profile. Once we are confident to move forward in the process, we will activate your profile to begin the matching process.


3. The Matching Process

Together we will find the right family to help.

Once your screening is complete, your egg donor profile will be active in our data base. The parents-to-be can review your profile on our data base and once the intended parents have shown an interest in working with you, the matching process begins.


At Modernly Ever After, we understand the importance of you gaining comprehensive knowledge about your match. We want to ensure the couple or individual receiving your donated is thoroughly screened and displays readiness in becoming a parent.


We match you with couples or individuals who share similar interests, desires and values as you. Once selected by a parent, we will confirm your ability to commit to the time frame and location determined by the intended parents and their treating physician and IVF clinic.

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4. Medical Screening

All clear, to move forward.

After being successfully matched with your intended parents, you are required to undergo a medical screening. Your emotional well being is our number one concern, we want to ensure you are absolutely comfortable with the egg donation process.


The screening includes a psychological evaluation, this is to help us evaluate your mental state, screen for any mental illnesses and psychiatric disorders. After you complete the psychological screening, you will undergo a medical and genetic screening  to assure you are free of HIV, STDs and any drug addictions.


5. Legal Process

Have a secure journey!

Once you successfully been psychologically and medically cleared, Modernly Ever After will appoint legal counsel for you. This experience attorney will draft a contract, this contract will be an agreement between you and the intended parents. The contract will define the parental rights, ensure your consent of giving up legal rights to the eggs retrieved from your body and to protect you and the intended parents.


Your assigned attorney will  ensure you feel knowledgeable about all the information upon signing the contact. After your contract is complete you can move on to the next step of the process.

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6. Egg Donation Cycle

The MEA team will assist you and your egg donor throughout the entire medical process.

During this period, the doctor will work with you and the intended parents to sync and curate your cycle schedule. Your physician will  provide you medication to suppress the menstrual cycle. You will then receive medication to stimulate your ovaries and ultimately stimulate the production and maturity of your eggs. 

While the physician will to monitor you by reviewing your blood samples and egg development. The medication process will take approximately 2 to 3 weeks to stimulate your ovaries.


7. Egg Retrieval 

Modernly ever after!

The egg retrieval procedure is performed at the IVF clinic. The procedure takes approximately 20-30 minutes, and you’ll be provided with mild sedation for ultimate comfort. During the procedure, an internal ultrasound offers guidance while the eggs are retrieved through the vaginal wall.


After the procedure, you will have the opportunity to rest and recover as you might experience some fatigue, and some mild to moderate abdominal cramping afterwards. However, the procedure is non invasive and you should be able to return to normal activities the next day. Your period will resume approximately two weeks after this procedure.

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